Part 2 Feeding on the Word

Author: Rev Esther Holmes Some ref. from Andrew Murray
December 09, 2019

           Eating every Day:  "our daily bread"

What is this eating?  The corn that the farmer had grown and rejoiced in as his very own could not nourish his life until he took it and ate it.  He had to completely digest it, until it became part of himself, entering into his blood, forming his bones and flesh.  This has to be done in a small quantity at a time, two or three times a day, every day of the year.  This is the law of eating.  Likewise, it is not the amount of truth I gather from God's Word.  It is not the interest or success of my Bible Study.  It is not the increased insight or understanding I am obtaining that brings health and growth to my spiritual life.  Rather, this often leaves me very unspiritual, with little of the holiness or humility of Christ Jesus.  Something else is necessary in order for spiritual growth to take place. Jesus said, My food is to do t he will of Him who sent me. John 4:34  We must take a small portion of God's Word, some definite command or duty of the new life, and quietly receive it into our wills and our hearts.  We must yield our whole beings to its rule and promise to obey and do it in the power of the Lord Jesus.  This is why James said do not just hear but do the Word, this is eating the Word and it becomes the life of Jesus for he is the Word of God.  The same process must take place when we claim a promise or a truth. "You are what you eat in the Spirit and the natural life."  The two points of difference between the corn in the barn and bread on the table can apply to your study of the Bible.  The gathering of the knowledge of the Word is one thing. Remember the Scribes in Jesus day had lots of knowledge but no life of Jesus.  The eating and receiving of God's Word into your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit, is something very different.  The two laws of eating the food, in contrast to those of finding it, must always be obeyed.  You can gather and store grain to last for years, but you connote swallow a large enough quantity of bread to last for days.  Day by day, and more than once a day you take in your day's food.  And so the eating of God's Word must be in small portions, only as much as the soul can receive and digest at one time.  This must take place day by day, from one end of the year t o the other...  The manna was not good the next day, remember?  It is such feeding on the Word that will enable you to say, And Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.  What Word did you eat today in the morning at noon and evening.  I think of Daniel who knelt three times a day and prayed.  George Muller said that he learned not to stop reading the Word each day until he felt joy in God. Then he was ready to go out and do his work for the day.  Please, re-read this and teach others how to feed on the Bread of Life.  The Lord told Ezekiel to eat the scroll.  We have so much to learn.  Amen