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Rev Esther Holmes

Preaching the Uncompromised Word of God - to the Lost for Salvation and to the Saints for Exhortation!


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Meet Our Team

Esther Holmes
Rev. / President

Joanie Coxwell
Vice President / Treasurer


Deborah Lockhart

Dr. Linda Jones
Board Member

Pastor Shonda Little
Team Member

About Us

Three In One Ministry spreads the gospel to the world. The name came to Rev. Esther as she was thinking about how to describe Jesus for who He really is and she was led to read First John.  In this book He is described as Love, Light & Life (3 in One) to all that believe. Three in One Ministry is dedicated preaching the uncompromising Word of God - to the lost for Salvation and to the Saints for Exhortation.  Encouraging and Educating the Brethren in the Word and the importance of applying the Word in daily life which results in the Saints walking in Love, Light, and Life. Standing fast in prayer and faith - ever On Watch for the return of the Lord. 

Through this website, we offer...
 Devotionals (Think About It) for reflection and study of God’s Word.
An archive of Radio Broadcasts, Sermons, and Teachings from our team that are also available on our Podcast.
Links to other Ministries that we partner with and support.
Prayer for you and with you.
Care Counseling where we can work with you on a more personal level.
Story sharing – where we can lift up the Name of Jesus through our testimonies.

Follow Us

I know that there are so many places to give offerings to and therefore I desire that you do as you should always do and that is to seek the Lord about donating to this ministry.  Follow His lead always. Our money will go to spreading the gospel around the world both by preaching and teaching at churches and conferences, getting the message out through various technologies, and the development of a local Help Center (Jackson, MS) where all walks of life can come for help with daily spiritual and emotional needs through various Bible classes, life skills classes, and one on one personal ministry.