Characteristics Of A Pilgrim

Characteristics Of A Pilgrim

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it

Heb 11:8 – Obeys the call; Lives holy
Heb 11:9 – Continues to move forward
Heb 11:10 – Looking for an eternal city
Heb 11:13 – Had a vision; actions acknowledged their faith; died in faith
Heb 11:15 – Never looked or turned back
Heb 11:16 – Longed for a better land
Take self control; temperance. Know your purpose. Know your vision. Know how to get there.  Be determined to do the Father’s will by paying whatever price He requests. Carry His burden.  II Peter 3:9-18  Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.
Don’t waste your time trying to get there your way. Jesus said I am the Way, Truth, and Life…How obedient are you?